About the International Insurance Policy Exchange

The International Insurance Policy Exchange (IIPE) was formed in 2011. The website showcases and compares the leading domestic insurers including various policies. We provide data on various types of insurers by country including life insurers, health insurers and auto insurers.

Promoting transparency

The IIPE promotes domestic and international transparency for insurer polcies across all types of personal lines products. By comparing international policies on certain products we can compare what consumers are paying and determine where rates are pricing competitive.


Promoting brand awareness

In the insurance market prospective purchasers of policies can be unaware of reputation and brand strength in a particular industry. While pricing factors play an important role to consumers, IIPE promotes reliability, reputation and historical trust factors that consumers can have a broad range of data in determing their decisions.


Promoting research and statistics

Insurers use statistics of age, gender, location, smoking, history and many other factors in determing their decisions on policy rates. We promote our visitors to be aware of what factors contribute to make up an individual policy.

Our data sources

We source our data directly from insurers worldwide as well other authorities like the UN, Wikipedia, CIA and WHO. .The data we publish is as displayed as we have no agreement with any of the insurance companies and the policy rates they set. We provide this data worldwide, by region and country to be a one stop source of insurers.

Where are we Located?



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How to Contact Us?

You can contact us through the following email address for questions/concerns/advertising or feedback: